Losing everything

Today I was yet again fobbed off by my deceased partners company. They closed the day of her funeral so they could be there, she got several people a job there & I thought I always got on with them (many saying after she passed, if there’s anything we can do) well I’ve asked if I can work there because I’m qualified for it & they need to replace my partner & need the money but for some reason they keep on saying we have to talk about it, come back next week, this has been since before Christmas; I’m petrified now because if I can’t get that job I will lose everything, my home, car etc This is just adding to my grief!!

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I obviously don’t know your circumstances or when your partner passed but do you think they may think you will find it too hard to be where she worked?

I’m so sorry for your loss, having to worry about all this isn’t helping!8

Thanks Gem2. She passed in November. I was never in work with her so that wouldn’t bother me, being in our own home is worse because there’s all reminders there & I can’t bear being there for long on my own & I have to pay my rent. If they said something like that it would be nice but there are no excuses from them.