Losing grandparent after losing mother

I lost my mother last month which I have already posted about.Today i found out my grandfather only has until Monday left to live.

Losing two people in two months is really difficult.My grandfather is 83 and he has had a good life but it just feels so unfair to lose my grandfather just after my mother.Its my father’s father as well and he’s struggling so much already after losing his wife.I feel so helpless and I wish there was something I could do or say but there’s nothing that will heal his pain.

Thank you.My grandfather has always been physically fit and healthy then just before my mother died he was diagnosed with stomach cancer.He refused treatment he wanted to die on his own terms.
Which I can understand it’s just my father is already severely depressed and now Iosing his father might push him over the edge.Life is just so tough right now.Will we ever get to just live life again without worrying about losing another family member.

Thank you.I was starting to feel like things were starting to get a bit better and then hearing that my grandfather will probably die by Monday just put me back.It reminded me of being told constantly that my mother didn’t have long left when she was in hospital.
Im still feeling the after effects of covid aswell which I had in January it’s just one thing after another.I try to be strong but I miss my mother so much.