Losing husband

I am 54 years of age witj 3 children . My husband passed away three weeks ago after a short illness . I am trying my best to keep going but keep crying constantly and feel so lost with him … just wondered if anyone had any ideas or what they have been through similar to me . Thanks

Hi @Tde123
I’m 52 and have 4 kids, the youngest who is 16 and still at school. My husband died 13 weeks ago after a short fight with a very aggressive cancer.
My entire life and future has been completely destroyed and I have found the last 3 months to be unbearable most of the time.
Initially I was just numb, but as time has passed my grief keeps changing and I’m often caught unawares by how unreal the whole situation is.
I don’t have anything that will make that pain go away but I do find that posting and sharing on this site helps me know I am not alone.
Perhaps it will help you too. Keep reaching out - and remember you children are all part of your husband so you can see bits of him there when you need or want to.
Sending love and hugs xxx

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Thankyou so much … yes realising you are not alone is a major thing … I just feel like I have no one to share everything with , it’s so cruel.
Hope you and your children are doing ok

It really can be a very lonely journey and it’s hard for people to really understand what we are going through unless you are in this awful situation.
I just want to share my day with my husband, or earlier on I was upset because I wished he was here to sort out the gas bill.
It doesn’t feel like much to ask for. But it can’t be.
Yesterday was my oldest son’s birthday & our first “celebration” without their Dad. Was so hard without him we are bracing ourselves for the upcoming weekend with a family wedding, Father’s Day, and then in July his birthday.
Try find support wherever you can - lots of folks on here are a great help.

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Ong I feel for you so so much … why is life so cruel … I am just struggling to deal with everything . My husband used to sort everything and now as I sit here the tv isn’t working… to me it’s a major thing and end of the world !

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I know. I’ve had a steep learning curve on how to do loads of things my husband used to do. It took me 2 weeks to make a decision about our house insurance but I did do it and it will be easier next time.
Just take one thing at a time and one day at a time at the moment.
You will find your way but get those around you to help where they can.
And make sure you are kind to yourself.
Sending hugs xx

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My TV stopped working on Sunday. I panicked. I had no books left to read. I went into the loft, fiddled about with 4 aerial connections, switched something off and on. Then turned the TV back on and it was fine.
You just have to get on with things

Thankyou sir much

I didn’t mean to offend, I was trying to say that we all come across difficulties when facing everything alone. It is hard.

It is so early in your grief process, crying and feeling how you do is normal and you should nit try to supress it. It is a release for your mind and body x

Thankyou … yes it is … one day at a time x

Day 18 since my husband had a cardiac arrest. It is shocking and devastating. Sometimes I just try to get through one hour at a time, a whole day is too much to ask. Lots of household jobs have reared their ugly heads but each accomplishment is a victory, no matter how small. This site is a comfort. I found writing a journal addressed to my husband has helped, it’s more of a book full of letters than a proper journal. And I try to be nice to myself, reading a book when I should be mowing the lawn or eating pizza for dinner instead of cooking properly. Just do whatever you have to do for now, leave the rest. Much love. Xx

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So sorry for your loss … I know what you mean … I have just had a blocked toilet and a flood through the ceiling … sending loads of hugs x

Yes, I had that. It feels like WHAT NEXT?

It turned out to be aerial connection.
Found it by chance.

I hope you get it sorted.

Rose xx

Oh no, hope it’s been sorted xx