Losing Mum ( My Best Friend)


Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I’m in desperate need of support my Mum passed away suddenly in May, she had a few health problems being investigated previously which was awful as she carrying so much worry and seeing her go through all of that was awful but she still worked full time and was the best Mum you could ask for and the best Nana to my two children. Mum was taking from work in an ambulance and passed away four days later when they finally found out that Mum had been battling a rare condition she was only 60 and we have no other family left just my younger brother who is incredible. I spent every minute with my Mum and she was my happy place I looked forward to seeing her daily and we have never been on holiday without her and only live ten doors down she is mine and my children’s world and I just need to find a way to cope. There is so much I need to talk to her about as she genuinely was my world with my two children too. As it all happened so quickly I keep thinking shall I contact the hospital and see the notes from the night before she passed, luckily we made it in time before she passed away. The week she spent in intensive care we were so positive around her and she was able to hold conversations and I just keep thinking should I have spoke about how poorly she was. I miss her so much every second of everyday and the only thing that keeps me going is my children and the thought that one day we will be reunited. I’m studying afterlife and attending medium meetings just to find a way of connecting with her :broken_heart::broken_heart: please help with any advice. Thank you xx I have a good support network in friends but I’m distancing myself as I’m so envious they still have their Mum but wouldn’t wish this on anyone, I just don’t know what to do.


I am so sorry you are on this journey. I lost my Mum in March, life just doesn’t make any sense anymore does it.

I have been doing the same as you researching the afterlife, and seeing mediums ect

I’ve given up googling things cause it just makes things confusing and stressful, I recommend getting a few books about the afterlife then you can focus on one subject.


So sorry for your loss, I too lost my mum in May and very suddenly as well, she was taken into hospital one day and passed away the next, nobody knew just how sick she was, we discovered she had cancer when they did a scan/test for other issues. It is so heartbreaking and sad, I am finding it very difficult at the moment. The only thing that lifted me today was talking to my son, just everyday chat but pulled me through and can only imagine that there will be more days like this.
I read on this form earlier, someone’s comment that we are all in this together, hopefully tomorrow is a brighter day, I miss my beautiful mum so much, she was 80 but I wasn’t ready to give her up, don’t think I ever will be :broken_heart:

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I lost my Mam in May 2022, very similar situation. She was my rock, world, best friend. The loss is still unbearable and my gp said yesterday I have extended grief? I know just how you all feel. Hoping one day things feel a little lighter x