Losing mum x

Hello all,
I lost my mum just over 2 weeks ago and I cannot function properly. I have managed to organise and pay for her funeral from scratch but I am worried that once all that is over I am going to crash!


Hey, sorry about your mum. The first few weeksnafternlosong someone can be a blur, the funeral and organisation of it all can be a distraction from your grief. Once the funeral has taken place, you may feel worse, because there becomes a finality to it. Which, to me, started the grieving process.
I held a lot back and tried to fight the process, i should have let myself grieve.
Try not to be too hard on yourself, you’ve lost your mum and you’ve had to organise and pay for her final moments. You’ve done well so far.
This group has helped me, reach out and talk when you need to. There are lots of people in here who have been through the same, youre not on your own here.


You have done so well. It hit me more after the funeral. I lost my lovely mum 6 months ago and im still up and down
I sort of held it together when organising the funeral etc. But after that reality set in.
Take care of yourself, its the hardest thing I have ever gone through. You need to look after yourself. Have you got support?xx


Hi I am sorry to hear about your mum. I was also in your position 4 months ago. My mum died suddenly and I was left to organise everything.

It hurts so much but I honestly did not feel the pain until after the funeral. I didn’t really cry after she passed. I mean even now…it just tends to hit me when I least expect it like when I’m driving or in the middle of the shops…basically anywhere public really. Your mind is occupied with the arrangements and is currently in fight mode. Use this energy you have to do the best for your mum as she would be proud of you.

You have lost your mum. Be kind to yourself. Shout, scream, laugh, cry but please don’t bottle up your feelings. That’s what I did and still currently doing which is not healthy and is affecting my health. I find myself focusing on helping others rather than grieving myself and that’s why some people think that I’m ‘handling it well’.

It’s a massive loss! Losing a parent is a big deal and it is going to take a lot of time to even process. Take time for yourself.


The funeral was Friday and although it was beautiful and mum was given a beautiful send off it was surreal!
I got home yesterday and it all poured out. I thought I had done all my ‘painful’ crying but there was more!
I am now focusing on planning my 12 year olds birthday next week so have something to focus on.
Thankyou for sharing your process, its nice to know others feel the same x

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I came home yesterday after mums funeral and it was like I just got the news again! Full pain!
At the minute I am scared it wont stop!
One day at a time still. X

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Thankyou. Yep, the grief hit again yesterday after the journey home. Im now in pain again and lost. Seeing my three children cry so much hurt too as I wanted to take their pain away.
Long road ahead! X