Losing Mum 💔

I have no words to how I feel. Everything seems surreal. All I know it’s my heart has been pulled out, ripped in two abs put back.

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Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum. I lost my mum very suddenly in November with no warning at all and the pain is quite something else isn’t it? I feel like every day I get up my heart just aches the whole time so I understand what you are saying, it really does feel like a piece of you has gone. Our Mums are the most pivotal part of us and who we are so when they pass away it really is so hard to accept! I still find myself some days waking up and thinking she will be downstairs but she never is… its heart breaking. Feel like it’s something we can never really recover from but more find ways to cope a bit better. The strength our mums gave us will push us through, although she has gone she will always be with you at your side… I know its not enough some days though trust me, but all we can do is keep trying and look after ourselves as best as we can because that is what they would want us to do :heart: Whenever you are struggling you are more than welcome to message me, it helps talking to people going through the same thing… losing a mum has definitely changed me. I don’t know when I will be okay again, maybe never, but I will keep trying, for her! Our Mums would want us to try our best to carry on for them… there was a passage that was read out at my mums funeral and I think of it sometimes when I’m having a bad day…

“So live, be free, and know that with every breath you take, you’ll be taking one for me”

:heart: Take care, thinking of you xx


I’m so sorry you have lost you’re Mum to. They are are rock our world.
I watched my Mum pass away, just never thought we would lose her. She was such a huge part of my life.
How are you coping?

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I’m glad you were there with her when it happened though, she had you every step of the way so I hope that brings you a little bit of comfort. My mum was in a coma over that weekend and because of covid I wasn’t allowed to see her, only whenever she deteriorated which happened twice and the last time was when she died so none of us were able to be with her when she passed. Breaks my heart every day.

I’m okay some days and then not the next! I’ve found if I keep myself busy during the day I can cope but it’s when I get into bed at night. I don’t know if you feel that too? As soon as I get into bed, it doesn’t matter how tired I am, my mind just wanders and I replay it all in my head and lie there crying at least an hour before my brain finally decides to let me sleep. So definitely sleeping is something I am struggling with… how about you?

I feel exactly the same … want to sleep but can’t… I can’t even breathe

I lost my beautiful mum at the end of November 2020 and I just feel the most intense sadness - like all of you, my mum was my rock and my best friend and it’s as if a light has gone out in my world permanently x I simply yearn for my mum

I am very up and down, apparently fine one minute and then boom! the realisation of her loss just hits me so hard the pain is almost unbearable

I guess all we can do is sit with our grief and sadness for now

One thing is for certain, our beloved mums would absolutely want us to go on and to be happy and in time I hope that I can experience laughter and joy again x this is the ultimate way in which to honour our mums. But for now, I’m just sad

Lots of strength and love to all those missing their mums today xxx I know just how you feel and you are not alone in your sorrow


I lost my mum on the 29th November and her funeral was on the 23rd December. I am finding it hard to go on . The circumstances of her death were harrowing. Trying to hold onto the good times but can’t let go of the last two weeks of her suffering.

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Hope you’re feeling a bit better. No I haven’t been sleeping at all but my gp gave me 10 day supply of sleeping tablets to get into a rhythm .
Luckily I have an amazing husband but I still howl with grief every night

Have you had the funeral yet. If it’s any consolation, I spoke to CRUSE yesterday , they are a bereavement counselling organisation. I told them that I don’t really know how I can go on without my mum. 6 weeks on and I cry every night .
We must hold each other up.
We’re you with her when she passed away?

I feel your pain, my mum passed away 29th nov too, she had been ill and caught covid in hospital. The saddest thing was not being able to see her or be with her when she passed. I hope we both find our pain eases with time, its early days.

HI am grieving so badly but I feel for you more because you couldn’t be with her at the end . She will be watching over you . Please keep in touch … I know it is hard to go on and you feel like nobody is there for you but I am :heart: