Losing mum

I just feel like I’ve got to get things of my chest. I lost my mum Christmas eve and my grandmother Christmas day. Since then life has been unbelievably hard. We owned our home together. Which we shared with my mothers husband (my step dad)and my partner. I lost my dad many years ago. Me and my partner have since split up. So currently its just me and my step dad left in the house. I miss my mum and grandmother so much. I’m lost, I have very little family left. I’m a only child and have no children. My life is just so lonely. I have good friends but I just can’t seem to tell anyone how I feel. 4 weeks after my mum died, I found out my step dad is in constant contact with his ex girlfriend. He texting her every night. I feel so angry with him. Betrayed on behalf of my mother. I feel angry that I am now living with this man who seems to forgotten about his wife. While I’m devastated. It just hurts so much.

Hi Carolanndutton
I am so sorry to hear that your lost your mum and grand mum so quickly.
You have been very brave putting up with everything on your own. Well done.
I would say try to sort out all the legal paper work , people reactions are unexpected when our loved ones fied.
Please look into counselling as your are alone, it might helps.
About your step dad well people grief in different ways, he might feeling lost and missing the love of your mum so he is trying to find in someone else your mum.

Take care of the legal situation paper work so you dont have surprises in the future and take care of yourself
Stay in the community. It helps.