Losing mum

Hi my mum died last July and since my birthday at end of april the shock of not having her in my life has set in

Hi Marion I have very similar timescales to you my Mum died in August & my Birthday was at the end of March. You don’t say what you are experiencing please share that & I will try and help you xx

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My birthday was 30th april , i cried at no card 7.30am phone call, i feel so alone and just want to hear her voice again, it felt as if i suddenly realised i cannot reach out for her , i dint know what is happening ti me

I lost my mum last year. The firsts are so difficult so it is only to be expected that your birthday would be a very difficult time. It does seem to take months before the reality even starts to be accepted. I am slightly behind you timewise so I can offer no advice but it seems everyone on here experiences very similar thoughts.

Hi Marion

I am so sorry to read what you are experiencing. It is so horrible that realisation you won’t hear your Mum’s voice again. That feeling of being alone as well is indescribable. I think it is especially hard when it is a special day like a birthday. As others have said the firsts always seem the hardest.

I lost my Mum coming up for two years ago two months before my birthday and that morning waking up to nothing from her was awful. I felt like turning over in bed and going under the covers for the day. I ended up buying myself a little present which I told myself was from Mum. Childish I know but did help a little.

There is no real advice all I can say is you are not alone in these thoughts.

Take care

Hi, yes grief is the most weirdest feeling.
One minute the world is normal, then grief hits you like a great big wake up call.Just to remind you what you have lost.
My mum passed away over 2 years ago.
Painful just painful.

You are grieving & there is a massive void n your life your aMum is irreplaceable she is the one person you could turn to with anything & she would never judge you & always give you the best hug. I knew how hard I was going to find my Birthday sonI did what I thought she would want me to do, I bought myself a present & I went out for drinks with friends, my aMum loved her cocktails so we had a cocktail for her & I have a brooch that reminds me of her so I wore that & just felt she was around me & I did have a good cry. She is part of you nothing can ever take that away she will always be in your heart & she would want you to go on without her we have no choice really Marion do we? Find your strength in the good times & the happy memories Its easier said than done but if you start to do this I’m sure slowly it will help you to start to cope better xxx

Hi Marion. I’ve just had my second birthday without my mum. She died a year and a half ago. I cannot believe that time has passed by and I have survived. My birthday was awful and the day before I sat at work and cried all morning at my desk! I just couldn’t stop and it was over over things but what I was really crying for was my mum. I felt selfish crying for mum on my birthday but missed the hugs the fuss she always made of me the lovely home made cakes gifts and nice loving cards and we always went for a nice meal or day out and she basically spoilt me. As I did her on her birthday. And suddenly it’s gone. It brought it home to me how alone I felt and I felt like a small orphaned child. Mum has always been there for every birthday and now she’s gone. It was truly horrible and I know I will be the same next year too. This will never go away this feeling of yearning loss and to be frank I don’t want it to as I don’t want to get over or come to terms with it. I’m so sorry you felt this too but I have to say your post really helped me as I thought I was awful to grieve so much on my birthday and felt very selfish. I hope you find comfort in this group as I have. Take care. X