Losing mum

lost my mum a little over a month after starting a new relationship. was ehxitent to tell my mum about it as even tho i feel like this is my soulmate and we will be together for a long long time, it still felt quite soon and i wasn’t ready to tell her.
she did however have a feeling i was with someone, as she was suspicious of all the late night calls. i also found out recently she had told her friend about how she had a feeling she was finally a mother-in-law and was so so happy about it.
i just feel so guilty i never told her. and i’m so sad my mum will never meet my incredible girlfriend and my girlfriend will never meet my crazy mum. they would’ve gotten along so well and i’m so sad i will never get to see their dynamic together.

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Hi @clara20,

I’m so sorry to hear about your mum.

It’s completely normal to feel this way when you’re grieving and to reflect on what you may or may not have done/said.

I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share these links with you to help you with your grief.

You might already be familiar with our other Online Bereavement Support services, but if not, you can find out more about our Online Counselling service, our Grief Coach text support service, and our Grief Guide self-help tools by visiting the link.

Please do take care of yourself and keep reaching out,
Online Community Team