Losing mum

I came across this sight yesterday
Am finding it very hard to cope
My mum has rapidly gone done past few months I feel it’s the end
My heart is in bits to see her in such a way
I can’t stop crying and my chest feels heavy
I can’t function or think about anything else

I feel it’s me too soft and that am useless

Hi Zohra,

I am sorry to read about your Mum. These days will be very difficult for you. Being with someone you love very dearly, at this sad time, is distressing…please don’t think you are soft…you are being a loving daughter supporting her Mum. Tears and anguish are unavoidable. I hope you have others to share your thoughts and concerns with. There’s support here for you, at your fingertips, look after yourself, kind wishes, x

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Thankyou for your words of comfort
I have my husband supporting me but his at work till late evening.
I new it would be hard. But didn’t expect this. My head is all over don’t think am strong enough to deal with it XX

Hi again Zohra, everyone would agree that no matter how you try and prepare yourself, supporting a loved one on the pathway to end of life, is one of the hardest things to do. It is the beautiful love between you and your Mum that will help you through this difficult time Zohra. I’m pleased to see you have the support of your husband. Let us know how you are doing…we will be thinking of you, x