Losing my beautiful mum

I lost my beautiful mum 3wks ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer over a years ago, and was a true fighter, she was making good progress with the cancer and the tumor was reducing .even though her health wasn’t brilliant as she also suffered from CPOD. The year had been stressful and then 4wks ago was admitted to hospital with a bowel obstruction, which needed surgery, which was high risk due to health,After having surgery she seemed to making good progress,then on day 3she got sepis and they were treating this but things got worst she was put into a coma and had a breathing tube,then on day 6 they told us her organs were failing .we made the decision to stop incubation and she past away with her family with her. It the first time I have experienced this so tramatic watching her leave me,I am struggling with coming to terms with my rock , best friend and my beautiful mum not being here any more. Also my daughter was so close to he rs well and I feel I am not supporting her as I should. My partner is not very supportive and I’m just a mess,I have friends but I am finding it hard to talk to them and just locking myself away from the world .:disappointed:also dreading the funeral which isn’t for another 2weeks.


Reading you story mirrors mine so much. My husband had health issues but had to have an op for bowel cancer he to survived the op and was doing fine for 3 days then he got sepsis and was on a ventilator but his body just wasn’t strong enough to fight it and had major organ failure he never regained conscious and past away 2 weeks later with me by his side. So i know exactly how you feel and what your going through. I can’t say it gets any easier it’s been 2 years for me and i still feel guilty for encouraging him to have op in first place i wish i had not let him go into that disgusting hospital they didn’t care for him and i can’t forgive them . Sending you a big hug :people_hugging:

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Ah sorry for the pain of losing your Mum. You are still in the raw, early days of grief so be kind to yourself. Don’t place any expectations on yourself or anyone else. As a society we just don’t seem to be very well equipped to deal with grief, so many people find it too awkward. Losing your Mum will no doubt have been a huge shock, despite her illness. It will take time for you to process the shock and adjust to your loss. Grief is brutal, a tangle of emotions hitting you constantly. Go with it, give yourself time. Be honest with friends and family about how you’re feeling, you don’t have to hide what you’re going through. Accept any support offered and take each day as it comes. Take care xx

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Thankyou, life is just so unfair,we had so many plans for the future,when she got better and now this will never happen😔.i just wanted to have one more chat, to hear her voice once more. The last chat she asked me “am I going to get better” and I said " yes of course mum " which never happened and I feel so so bad. Thankyou for listening to me go on. I am so sorry for loss and the similar circumstances,sending you a big hug ,hoping you have a sign from your loved one xxx


I feel your pain it really hurts it’s still very raw for me I have good days bad days and suddenly it hits me like a brick
They say time is a great healer not sure about that yet.

Thinking of you x

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@Sunflowers… I read your story and I needed to reply, I lost my mum to aggressive lung cancer 3 weeks ago, her funeral was based around sunflowers, hence me needing to reply to you. Im new to this page so if you need a chat come and find me. :sunflower:

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