Losing my brother so sudden

I lost my brother on 21st May last year and I have not even processed it yet. I still think I can ring him and he’ll answer. Then I remember he’s gone and struggle to handle the mental process of it all. I feel depress most days but never show it for the sake of my son who is 2.

Lost my darling brother on the 5th of February. It was so sudden and I miss him every day. I miss his phone calls and he was so supportive of me in all the bad times. He was one of the only people who really got me. So much loss in my life, my son and husband and now another brother has liver cancer. Life can be so sad, so cruel but we have to put that mask on and carry on. I know it’s so hard to cope with but we do it for our loved ones. Very sorry for your loss Shaun


Thank you for your honest reply I refuse to accept it I’m trapped in my own mind and my conscious teases me daily. I went to the doctors to ask for help and they put me on antidepressants but find myself adding alcohol to easy it which does help but reality kicks in in the morning and around we ago again.

Now listen Shaun, that road leads to madness. You have to be strong for your son. Pills and alcohol mask feeling and don’t help at all. I’ve been down that road with drink and it doesn’t help. Too easy for doctors to take the easy way out and hand you pills. Limit yourself to a couple of drinks in the evening if you can. Cry and cry, let all the grief out. Be angry, I was so angry. You have to come to terms with your loss. You need to talk to someone about you sorrow. Go back to the doctor and tell him the pills don’t help, ask him to refer you on. Have you heard of Cruse. You can phone them on 0808 808 1677 I’ve heard they’re very helpful. Please trust you will come through this but it will take time. I hope this helps a little.