Losing my brother

Hi i lost my brother over 30 years ago and i still find it very hard everyday, i was 14 and found him dead from an overdose, i never had any support back then with my mental health and i still get very upset after all these years as i wonder what he would of done with his life he was so clever, would he of had kids ? A wife maybe, all sorts of thoughts haunt me and it makes me feel very low, never met anyone else who has lost a sibling before so just reaching out to see who is out there ? Any replies be very welcome thank you…


Sorry for your loss, it must have been a difficult time for you. My husband passed away in January & he had 5 brothers & sisters so I understand that thier loss was just as painful. Thinking of you.

Thank you Autumnchild for your kind words my thoughts are with you and your family too for the lost of your husband

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I’m so sorry for your loss. My brother passed away unexpectedly 8 months ago changing all our lives. I have joined a Bereavment support group which is comforting. Talking and listening to others who feel your pain makes things that bit easier

Hi Soyel thank you for your message, would you recomend any support groups ?

The borough you live in may do a support group. I go to Haringey’s over 50’s Bereavment support group. It’s helpful and pleasant to attend as everyone is caring and supportive

Thank you very much Soyel i will look into this

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