Losing my dad

I lost my dad on the 31st January to cancer the hard thing is that I never got to say goodbye to him and I have so much anger in me but when I spoke to him on the Wednesday before he died on the Friday he said I will see you next week

Hi Nat,oh my God that’s really hard .Mine was years ago but I’m just trying to come to terms with it as I buried my emotions and now it’s all coming out.Ive read posts all day and there are loads of lovely people and friendly advice.Take care.x

Hi nat
Sorry for your loss.
I have thought alot about this. My mum went in for a routine operation in June. I was waiting for a phone call to tell me to come and collect her and take her home. I took a week off work to look after her and then life was going back to normal.
Instead I got a phone call telling me that my mum had suffered a serious bleed on the brain in the recovery room and was unlikely to survive.
I’ve probably been in shock ever since.
I never got to say goodbye either but would I have wanted to? I thought mum would live another 20 years. There was nothing wrong with her!
I could never have said goodbye to her so perhaps things have worked out for the best. In time you may agree x

I hope so but I feel so angry at mo does that ever past

I still get angry and I always beat myself up over it.Its traumatic to lose someone you love and you have every right to let those emotions come.x

I still get angry so its perfectly normal.
I’m sure it will pass eventually but why wouldn’t we be angry?
We have lost the single most important person in our life?
We have every right to be angry. Two friends of mine celebrated their mums 80th and 85th birthdays last weekend and I couldnt send them messages of good wishes. I’m too bitter that my own mum didnt even reach her 75th.

I look at old people tottering up the street with the same build and walk,thinking that should be my mum or dad. And I love my fiance but no body would be there to give me away.