Losing my dad

Hi , I can’t say how I feel as I just don’t know , just so sad when I think about my dad

I’m so sorry for the loss of your Dad, I think everybody is feeling the loss of somebody we loved worse this year, because of what is going on in the world this year with COVID 19, I hope you can see family and can find some peace over this time, sending love xx

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Thank you x

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It’s a big rollercoaster of emotions. I feel sad, then relief as he’s no longer suffering. Some days I can smile other days it hits me that he’s no longer here. Forever is a long time to go.

Be kind to yourself and take time. No rush with these things. Talking with people have been through the same helps

Thank you & you take care too x

Hi Rosebud
Sometimes we are without words because our heart cannot define words and it only responds to our feelings. It all takes time and for our hearts to express the words we are trying to articulate. Words are actually not worthy of what our heart tells us. Sometimes the most important of all is silence and to just let the heart beat