Losing my Dad

Hello to everyone here. I lost my Dad suddenly on 7th January and although he was unwell with several health issues we didn’t expect what happened to happen. When I say we, I mean my mum and I, we are a family of 3, always will be. We have had the funeral and sorted out a lot of things that need to be done, contacting various organisations etc. But it still doesn’t feel real. I am wondering when it will sink in even though we have cried so much. I feel numb, like not much matters and then cry buckets.

Hi Cath, yes it does get easier but never goes away, its because we loved them so much. Feel happy and proud that you are managing to get through the business end of things. When my soulmate left, I said to the postman, please don’t bring me any more post, I just had enough of trying to deal with it all. You are being very brave and you will get through this because you are strong. Hang in there, life will improve.
Bless you and give your mum an extra special hug for mother’s day. xx

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I am so sorry for your loss. My Dad passed away in January and it still doesn’t seem real and in the day I find it easier to block out than at night where I lay awake for hours thinking of everything. Stay strong and think of all the great memories. Everyone says it gets easier.

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Thank you. It’s just not real yet xx

Hi Cath49 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My heart goes out to you I’m so sorry you lost your dad xx I lost my dad suddenly last April, he caught Covid in hospital while being treated for another illness I never in a million years thought what happened would happen, here we are nearly a year on and I still wake up every morning and check to see if it’s real - sadly it is :cry: For some reason I thought he was immortal and would always be there he was my rock, my anchor - some days are better than others, when they say grief comes in waves it’s true, I’m really sorry to say it’s a tough, tough journey, no one ever prepares you for it. I grit my teeth every morning and make myself get through the day. Please know you are not alone, sending big hugs xx

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TCT, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. It’s worse not being expected. My heart goes out to you too. Well meaning friends have said every day it will get a bit easier. It hasn’t, the longer time goes on the worse it is because you realise that he isn’t coming back. I have had physical pain when crying, like my heart is broken. No, you’re not prepared for it. Good on you for getting up each day and getting through it. That’s all we can do xx