Losing my dad

I lost my dad less than a month ago after he battled covid for 3 weeks. I miss him so much and wish I could just pick up the phone and call him. I’m really struggling and I feel so guilty for a lot of things. I’m only 27 and struggling to come to terms with the fact I will most likely have to live longer without him than I did with him.


Hello Annie, it’s hard when we loss our dads and I was your age when my dad left. He had been my rock and was always there for me.
We always want to say things that we should have and guilty that we didn’t do all the things we feel afterwards. Even now I talk to him and I think sometimes there’s a reply in some form or other. Girls often have a different relationship with their dads and when they are no longer with us we miss. Take little steps and be kind to yourself because losing him is very hard. S xx

Thankyou Susie.

I am feeling a lot of guilt at the moment but I am hoping it will pass. Im so sorry you lost your dad young too.
My dad has visited me in my dreams a couple of times since and has told me he’s not in pain anymore. :heart:

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Remember if he’s happy in your dreams then you have nothing to feel guilty about. Those who have been special in your life, they will always there, they are part of you, of your being. Keep those memories close to you and you will be fine but like everything it takes time. Stay safe and look after yourself. S xx

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I’m hoping my Dad will visit me in my dreams, I’m longing for it. My Dad passed 8 weeks ago today, after a very short battle with a brain tumour, my sleep has been impacted since and I am struggling with lots of sad / traumatic images from the last few weeks of his life.

I bet that was so nice to have your Dad visit you and tell you he was not in pain? I hope that has helped in your grief?

Sending love xxx

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Hi Kate,
I totally understand how you feel. My dad passed in January from covid after a three week battle. When the nurses told me they couldn’t do any more for him, I went to see him to say bye and i was distraught at what he looked like.
I am hoping those images will fade for us over time and we will just remember our dads as they always were before they were ill :heart: I ask my dad out loud to visit me every night before I go to sleep, you should ask yours too​:heart: Lots of love xxx

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I’m so sorry for your loss, how sad and awful for you to have lost your Dad to Covid xxx

it’s so traumatic seeing our loved ones in that way, I found great comfort at being by my Dads bedside when he went to sleep, but the images and smells and noises are triggers for me at the moment.

I will try and ask him to join me in my dreams, thank you xxx

Trouble is if he joins me I won’t want to wake up and the dream to end!

Sending lots of love and healing your way xxx

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