Losing my dad

Hi I lost my dad on 22 August I know it’s all still raw. We weren’t close and I feel quilty for grieving I just wish we could of built on our relationship it’s eating me inside that we didnt

@Hw22 I’m sorry for you loss. Regardless of your relationship with your dad you shouldn’t feel guilty for grieving for him. I’m sure a lot of members, including me have had relationship issues with family members over the years and when they leave us it brings guilts and emotions to the surface. My own parents divorced when I was 16 and when my father remarried our relationship went downhill very quickly and we had little contact. I was living abroad when he died 8 years ago and my step mother didn’t want me at his funeral. I respected these wishes as I didn’t want to cause any further upset. Over the years I have fleeting moments of regret but you have to deal with it as you can change it as much as some of us would like to. Thinking of you and even though it’s early days, I hope you can find some peace knowing you are not alone.