Losing my Dad

Never thought I would be joining a community like this, but I am struggling so much at the moment - I lost my Dad 5 days before Christmas and the grief is just getting worse - Some background might help - I lost my husband suddenly Feb 2011, my children were 11 and 13 - I struggled so much with losing him and can’t remember the first year after his death - my wonderful parents helped us so much and my Dad basically stepped in and was our rock - we knew Dad was ill but didn’t think we would lose him when we did, he was due to see a heart specialist in January - he just collapsed at home - Watching my Mum go through what I went through is heart breaking, I always spoke to Mum about anything and everything but I don’t feel like I can talk to her openly and honestly about the grief I feel as she is going through her own hell - she was with Dad from the age of 15 (54 years) - I just don’t know where to turn anymore, I have tried the GP but I have to wait 7 days just for a phone call (it’s not their fault the NHS is how it is) - Don’t know what I hope to get from joining this community but just writing this has helped a little

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I’m so sorry to hear this. I truly empathise with the fact you lost your husband when your kids were so young. My husband is terminally ill and my boys will be similar ages to yours when my husband dies. Life is very cruel.

Counselling on the nhs is often such a long wait, Have you tried CRUSE? Alternatively you could go private if you have any pennies (which most of us don’t).


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