Losing my dad

My dad passed away nearly two years ago now and even writing that sentence it doesn’t register that it is real. My dad was everything to me and when I was told he had chosen a private cremation too this meant no one was aloud to attend he’s ashes would be sent home after. I still can’t start to grieve as I didn’t ever get to say goodbye. My dad had been I’ll for years he’d had to retire due to poor health and then Covid came and my dad sunk into depression he attempted to take his life and was sectioned under the mental health act. He came home after 5 months and seemed to have a little sparkle back but he’s heart gave up on November 27th 2021 and everyday I’m waking up and reliving this nightmare I can’t begin to grieve or understand any of it


@Xgemmaxx82 I hear you, a difficult journey you are on and there’s no quick fix… Covid has taken so much from so many people, and sounds like your dad’s spirit took quite a hit from that turbulent time. My own dad passed 8weeks ago (we had his attended cremation 4weeks ago) and my Father-in-law passed last year- He too requested a private (unattended cremation) and we held our own little “remembrance” service and tied ribbons round trees in garden of remembrance in our local park. To help you move forward, maybe try soemthingnofnyournown organising to mark his memory… Go somewhere in nature you can visit regularly to feel close to him. So long as you have memories, his love will be with you🫂

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