Losing my dad

Hi everyone, I hope you don’t mind but I feel really overwhelmed at the moment and need to vent!
My lovely dad is dying of liver cancer as we speak, I cant imagine he’ll last more than 2 or 3 more days.
I feel I’ve been grieving for a while already as he was given a terminal prognosis just over a year ago. I know that’s not going to prepare me for when he actually dies and that makes me so scared.
I’m also leaving my job that I love in 4 weeks time because of chronic pain and starting a completely new career.
How on Earth am I supposed to cope with all of this at once?? I can’t seem to stop crying at even the thought of coping with all these changes. How am I supposed to act “normally” during a time of emotional overload??
Sorry for ranting, I’m just so scared :pensive::sob:


Dear @Wallypop - its totally understandable that you are scared. Youre in an incredibly sad situation which even when you have advanced warning, nothing can prepare you for. I cared for my Mum for 11 months when we knew time was running out, but we never knew whether it would be days/weeks/months.

On top of that it must be incredibly difficult to have to leave a job you love because of chronic pain, and start again with a new career.

I can understand why all this would be overwhelming but honestly, for these next few days, just focus on your lovely Dad, on being with him, telling him how much you love him etc. Make that the priority. One day at a time. Everything else can WAIT.

Later down the line maybe you can explore contacting your new employer and perhaps delaying any start date, but for now just hold onto these precious days with your Dad. Sending love :heart: