Losing my dad

My dad passed away last week and I feel like I’m losing the plot , one say I’ll be ok then the next I’m a wreck . I have no energy to do anything and feel like I’m in waking nightmare

Hi Nella im very sorry for your loss .Your nightmare is very new ,and theres no quick fix.Times a great healer ? i disagree time forces you to live through this nightmare .When will things get easier there is no answer to that ,live day by day dont plan what you dont have to .Try at some stage to have me time,because your mind heart and soul needs a rest from this because your nightmare will patiently wait for you.Maybe go to your doctors for help re medication (ive been on medication since my wife passed ) also maybe phone the Samaritians (i do this frequently too ) keep coming back here to chat nobody judges on here.Colin (im 59 my darling wife Denise passed 04032016 on her 41st birthday ).Ihope ive help i dont wish to offend you in any way

Hello nella64.
I am so sorry for your loss and would like to say your dad will always be with you . You have all your memorys and no body can take them away from you . Sending a hug.

Hi Nella,

I understand and I’m so sorry. I lost my dad 24 wks ago and it’s so raw and fresh for me.I can relate to the motions…I’m just starting to process now.

You are not losing the plot, there is no way to predict your reaction and the waves that hit. I was in shock and practical mode straight after, crying and planning the necessary. Almost de-sensitised. Then it hits when you least expect it. I take half day by half day.

Just try and surround yourself with support and when you need quiet time, take it.

Keep posting on here, I only found this site a few days ago and it’s been so helpful. Don’t be hard on yourself…

Take care