Losing my Dad

My Dad passed away 18th November, but because it was a sudden unexplained death at hospital, we were only allowed a funeral just over a week ago.
As a family we have all struggled and I still cant believe he is not here anymore.
I struggle with that on a daily basis and the hospital care he had was not up to scratch a nd a lot of mistakes were made. He should still be with us, it was a total shock that he never came home.
We miss him so much.


I’m so very sorry. It seems so many of us have had the same horrible experiences at the hospital, with bad care and mistakes. I was certain my dad would come home too and that certainty is unbearable. Not sure what to do with the anger, because no matter what it won’t bring him back. Sending love and hugs. :heart:

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Thank you. Im hoping that sharing experiences on platforms like this will help us all. It is shocking to hear that this is a common occurrence, that unfortunately cuts deeper, however, we have to take each day as it comes for now.x


@Deborah53 Sorry for the loss of your Dad & how long you’ve had to wait for a funeral. Have you thought about writing a complaint to PALS? I had similar issues when my Dad was in hospital (he also died there) I sent it last day in November & not heard yet. I’m expecting the usual rhetoric or that well worn phrase: lessons will be learned but I’m not leaving it there. It’s the last thing I can do for him.

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Knowing we’re not completely alone gives a little comfort. Take care and I’m here if you want to chat. :heart:

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Thats exactly how i felt and yes i have contacted PALs and they have said i will be contacted within next 65 workubg days. I hope you get a good response too. I just want answers, so many things went wrong. Debs x