Losing my Dad

I just feel so sad and lost inside.Im try to support my mum and anyone in the family.I cry alone or with my mum I’m just so sad and I am trying to not be because it’s not just me that’s lost dad.I tried to talk to my auntie but she just said we all do.I wanted to cry and have a hug but didn’t get one now I avoid speaking about him to her in case I cry.I don’t know how I will get on .it’s a big hole in my heart even though I knew he was ill.My little boys need to speak about him and I wonder if I’m saying the right thing.Im just ticking by everything is so on a edge I can’t settle.I keep thinking of him buried in the cold I just can’t get it out of my head it’s like I left him.Sorry I don’t want to upset anyone.


Hi Jennybobs, so sorry to hear you are feeling like this. Never feel that you can’t talk about your dad, you should always talk about him and how you are feeling. Do you have any other support. Cry as much as you need to it’s your body telling you what to do. It’s a scary process losing a parent and I’m only five weeks into the journey myself but I feel I cope better when I talk about my mam, I even talk to her out loud when no one is around and I always feel like she’s present so gives me a little comfort. It’s a hard journey we are on, take it slowly hour by hour. Sending lots of hugs, feel free to message if you ever need to chat or rant xx


Hope you’re okay, sending a massive hug to you. I lost my Dad in November and feel your pain and anxiety. I feel like im still in disbelief. How can they be there and alive one minute, and completely gone from our world in seconds? I see his face lying lifeless in the hospice most nights, I chase it away and try and replace it with his handsome, happy, smiley face. You cry all you want, all you need to, and don’t ever hold it in for anyone. Here if you want to chat, take care of yourself x

I feel your pain Peppermint, so sorry for your loss. I can’t believe it how they are there one minute and not the next, it’s like rug is pulled from under you. Hope your anxiety eases and you have support around. Sending you :people_hugging: hugs xx

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Hey…I feel your pain so much as I lost my dad 6 weeks ago. Feel as though I’m putting on a brave face and I cry when alone (Im a 41yr old male and at times feel like I should be stronger). Crying buckets at times.
As Ive also been told, cry as much as you need, sod what anyone else thinks. We’re all with you.
Think of yourself. Big hugs to you


Thankyou I can’t get it out of my head he is alone and it’s cold i always believe he is with my nanan and grandad and other lost family but I just can’t because it’s my dad I feel like I’m existing day by day I miss him so much I just hope he knows I never left him and loved him so much I did tell him to the end I loved him so much everyone’s moved on and I don’t want to yet I found a video of him talking with my little boys I just want to be see him hug him one more time I know I can’t I just miss him every day every minute just I think I will pop to dads and I can’t took mum out today we do talk about him but I’m screaming inside I want my dad :cry:

I also lost my dad almost 4 months ago and it was completely unexpected and sudden. He just dropped dead.
I still can’t believe I won’t see him. I cry every day at the most random things!
I am also constantly exhausted and tired. I feel I am with my family in body but I don’t feel present. I don’t know how to stop feeling like this.


The pain of losing my wonderful Daddy 18 months ago is still awfully hard. I am so sorry to read others going through this. Dad was in 80’s yes but active and full of life. Went within a week. We had plans for summer holidays and more. Thinking of everyone.