losing my daughter is too hard

i lost my 22 year old daughter in a fatal car accident 5 weeks ago and it doesnt feel right carryoing on without her

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Dear Crazymummy,

I’m sure you are really devastated. What a terrible thing to happen and my thoughts are with you at this terrible time. Its good that you found our griefchat; I hope you get support from the community, some who have had a similar experience.

Keep writing, and know that even though you can’t see a step in front of you right now, there are those of us who are here for you and will help in whatever way we can.


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Crazy Mummy I am so so sorry for your loss .
I lost my 22-year-old son in a car accident also
I lost him in October of 2021 but I did not start grieving for him until February of 2022 that’s how long it took me to get
out of denial. When I finally did start grieving I found this site and it has so many wonderful people on here that know what you’re going through and are going through the same thing you are it is helped me so much. Right now you feel like you will never see a happy day but I’m here to tell you that you will it’s hard going through it little by little day by day but you will get to a point where you will see the sun shining again. You will definitely have bad days for a while but the good days won’t be far behind. Take care.

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I am so sorry to hear of your losses every story I read is so sad. I am also new to this site. I do hope that time will be a healer as some people say it is. I lost my beautiful daughter a month ago and she was just 19. She had physical pain and mental health issues and at times did not want to be on the planet. There is no real comfort in this because with the right care she would be with us now and there was always hope.

I can fully understand now why bereaved parents say they find it so hard to move on from grief for years, although I know we all grieve differently. For the last month I have just about managed to get through day by day. The crying is non stop, the heartache is unbearable, there is no enjoyment in anything, everything you see in the home or outside is upsetting as they are constant reminders of how things were. I used to sleep well now I am up and awake almost every night. I now remember my dreams which are now of my daughter still believing she is alive and when you wake up you realise the truth. Life has been hard enough, to now be a bereaved parent is unbearable.

I just hope we can all find the support, love, care and help we all need to go on and find a new way of living.

Take care x

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