Losing my daughter

I joined the group last year after the death of my nephew. Now my daughter aged 48 has just died leaving two young daughters. I’m posting this just to connect with others in a similar situation and hopefully find a way forward. My daughter isnt buried yet, that’s a week away

I am s sorry. I just don’t know what to say. It is a terrible world out there and sometimes our capacity to cope is stretched far too far.

But her children need you, because you alone can console them, along with their other grandmother, and friends.

I can only say that my thoughts are with you, and I hope you find the help and strength you need to get through the difficult times ahead. Please take a small amount of time for yourself each day, to cry, to mourn, to talk to anyone who will listen and then they to help you.

Love & hugs,

Christie xxx

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Dear Patsy

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your daughter. Losing a child is the worst pain. I know it’s hard to believe but you will find a way to accommodate your grief. It’s a shocking path so take each hour at a time. Be kind to yourself and take any help offered.

I lost my younger son in October 2019. He was 30.

I still have difficult painful days but I’ve found I can cope now.

I lost my nephew shortly after losing my son. My nephew took his own life. He was 32. His mother passed from Covid19 after that- it was and is horrendous for my family. However we are here, trying to make some sense of the world.

There are amazing people on this site who can offer words of support. Keep posting.

Warmest hugs

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