Losing my daughter

I’m not sure if this helps as nothing seems to. My loved ones and friends are wonderful and support me but all I think is"How can you possibly know how I feel"? Losing my Lauren, my precious daughter in 2013 destroyed me and I live, laugh, cry and do all the things I am expected to do but it’s just an act…and it exhausts me emotionally and physically.
Love to all,



Dear Sarah333,

It’s good to read that you have loved ones and friends who support you, but the question you ask is a very valid one: How can they possibly know how you feel? They can know to a certain extent from what you tell them, but that is not the same as knowing it from experience. Have you had contact with other mothers who lost a child? They woud probably the only ones who know how you really feel. I personally know what it feels like to mourn the loss of a a parent, so when I meet someone else who has I have a good idea of what they feel and we can both support each other. I hope that you will get responses and support from other parents who have lost a child, either on this site, or on other sites such as this one: The Compassionate Friends (tcf.org.uk)
Lots of love,

Hi Sarah
My daughter Gemma died in 2015. She was knocked off her boyfriend’s motor bike by a careless driver when she was 23. She was My only child’s daughter my whole world. I understand your pain and how hard it is to be with people who don’t understand the magnitude of the loss. Time doesn’t heal the pain. It softens compared to the early days. Life doesn’t worth living does it? Sending hugs. Liz xx