losing my girlfriend

lost my girlfriend of 5 years on 30th June 2020 my girlfriend got me into aa I will be 4 years sober on my girlfriend birthday 9th sep it’s a day at a time


Well done, your girlfriend would be proud of you x

What an amazing person you are! Well, blooming done x

Since I lost my husband in Nov 21, once I was past the first few.weeks, I turned to comfort eating! I’m.a.little.better but still.eating.rubbish

You are.an inspiration x.x x. Loss is.so.damning and look at.you…

All.thr love.x.

look give me call anytime if want to talk text me would be nice

Dont bite my is mark

sorry my name is mark not drunk lol

your not alone cinders best thing for me is sharing your feelings and emotions that what helps me on a daily basis looking forward hearing from you soon

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You’re all amazing x. My jaw aches from constant tension!

My life is upside down sideways and everyday brings a new challenge x

Things need to settle.down but it feels.like I’ve been in an earthquake… the aftershocks are still fierce x

I often explain in metaphors but, here’s one for you. Imagine you are standing on the ground and someone starts to build a circular wall, you are nearer and nearer to being closed in (depression, giving up) you then make a.concerted effort to climb out and the whole process starts again x This is grief for me x I’m escaping from this wall all the time and it’s exhausting and bloody hard work x 6 months, my love and craving for him can be overwhelming x However, I am.moving forward. My heart goes out to all of you x KEEP CLIMBING OUT!

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@Cinders21 so you are another 6 month person like me. It is exhausting isn’t it? Your explanation is very accurate. Thank you also because being bound up in this nightmare I struggle with remembering things sometimes. You have helped me remember (and I cannot believe I haven’t remembered before) how my partner used to explain things like that. Sometimes I would get an explanation of a process, and still not understand it, so out would come a scrap of paper and a pen and it would be drawn for me. It made me smile to think that he would have been drawing the circle, with a little ant-like figure in it to illustrate the point. Knowing him, he would have then drawn stairs or a ladder to show how hard it was to climb out. Then he would have possibly drawn a ramp spiralling around the inner outside of the circle to make it less of an incline so it wasn’t so physically exhausting to climb out. Oh, if only it was that easy!

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your partner might not be here in body but he is here in spirit he want you to carry on live your best life it will get better message anytime your not alone

Aww Wong, I was talking to my mum about this yesterday, she shed a tear x It really is strange because I was showing her little drawings of directions and music that he would draw for me to explain something x x I really would like someone to create a grief picture for me or an animation of the circular wall because this explains my grief fully. I’m just about to give in and I climb out again. Thank you for your ladder idea, I now have an easier less exhausting route, thank you x x The sentence that runs through my head right now is ‘The rest of my life without you’ Its all I keep thinking and it feels alien, senseless, the oddest feeling I have ever had. Like it is just wrong wrong wrong x Wishing you all love and strength x


Sorry for your loss
I lost my partner 29th June 2020 he died from alcohol liver disease at the age of 42
Well done that you are 4 years sober that is amazing well done x

Thank you fg 15 message me anytime from mark aa