Losing my grandad a year after my nanan

I lost my grandad a year after my nanan. I had only just started to begin to cope with the loss of my nanan (the first loss I have ever experienced). Suddenly my grandad passed away a week before Christmas last year. I miss them both it hurts inside so much, I can’t explain the pain I feel in my heart, it feels cold and empty, each time I think of him I have a funny feeling inside. I cannot come to terms with my grandad being ‘gone’. I can’t accept it. He was totally different to the signs my nanan had shown before she passed away, I wasn’t no where near ready for him to leave us. I hadn’t finished any of our conversations, we still had loads to do and chat about. Can anyone help, I’m struggling so much without them both :frowning: they were a huge part of my life and I’m lost without them.

I lost my grandad to cancer and my nanan to Alzheimer’s.

Hi Bethlea
nan’s and grandas are special ,I lost mine many many years ago,I still think about them,still miss them.
Maybe you could write down in a letter all those things you wanted to say,and didn’t,t get the chance too,just like you are talking to them,and keep your letter in a safe place.It sometimes helps to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.I did this when I lost my parents and I write letters to my husband whom I recently lost.I also still talk to them all,there’s nothing strange about keeping that connection,we love them and miss them.Hope your sadness eases over the months and you can one day remember them with a smile.Take care xx

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Thank you so much Robina. That’s a great idea I’m definitely going to start my letter. I talk to them a lot, I visit them at the cemetery and talk to them and I speak to them at night time looking at their pictures. I hope you’re okay. Thanks again xx