Losing my grandad!

Hey everyone I’m new to the page.

I lost my grandad a year ago in November, it didn’t hit me when he first past away. But when his year of his passing came up it hit me like a tonne of brick, it’s knocked my anxiety I can’t sleep or eat. I’ve been put on medication and they help once they’ve kicked in. So I feel anxious as soon as I wake up. I had his ashes and a picture of him but I can’t even look at them no more. My mum had to take them. I just wish I could of said goodbye, I think that’s what hurst the most. Because of covid we was wasn’t allowed to his funeral either. I just feel alone in my own head ATM.

Dear. Emmaliu

Welcome to the Community. Grief can comes in waves and can hit us at any time even a year on. Unfortunately Covid restrictions on funerals has been very difficult for families.

Did your grandad have a special place he liked to go to for a walk or visit? Could you go there and say ‘goodbye’ and let of a balloon and say a few words.

You are not alone and there is help out there. It would be good for you to talk to someone. I would like to signpost you to Cruse Bereavement UK. They are a free counselling service on 0808 808 1677 or they have CruseChat online (Monday-Friday 9am-9pm).

There are topics on here Feeling Alone you can read and connect to other members.

Take care. We are here for you always.

Hi there,

I also lost a grandparent recently, and I know how you must be feeling. I have many of my grandma’s belonging around the house but sometimes cannot bare to look at them for long before I get too depressed.

I know that they’re both still here in our hearts, and I know your grandad would be incredibly proud of you.

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