Losing my hero husband

I’ve recently just lost my husband he suffered 6 years with reoccurring brain tumours . With 5 operations, shunt, no end of chemotherapy & radiotherapy , and trips to hospitals . My world has fallen apart , pain like no other in my heart . He was only given 6 months in 2011 but beat the odds with no complaining and just fighting it all the way . His our inspiration to fight anything in life , I’m proud to have known such a loving , caring, amazing man . Me and our young daughter will miss him dearly . I was his carer in the end and proud to say im his wife …so crushed , hope I do him justice at the funeral . Sending heart felt (( hugs)) x

Hi,I so very sorry you lost your husband I lost mine 3 weeks ago after battling cancer for 1yr 3 months he tried to fight it all the time with terrible side affects from the chemo and he also like your husband never complained.
He was in and out of hospital all the time but always seem to be having infections one after another,I also was his carer and I did bring him home but had to go to a Hospice 2 days before he died .I will never forget the last min with him just before he died and it goes round and round in my head.
The funeral service was lovely but I cried all the way through and I didnt want any celebration after the service just family back at the house with a buffet from M/S.
Its very hard to live day to day and Im so lonely and sad that all our plans have gone.
I will send you a big hug and know you will get through the funeral just like we all have had too,
xxx Sue

Hi forgetmenot im very sorry for your loss (dont be offended by my next statement ).Concentrate on you on the day put to the back of your mind pleasing your husband .Because when you see the hearse with your husbands coffin in .The phrase the sh"t hits the fan definitelt applies in a big way .Iviewed my wife at the funeral directors that was hurrendous but seeing he coffin in the hearse .Was something ten times worse for me .The being a carer i can relate to that too(i was my wifes carer for 8 years )it leaves a painfull void in your life .Youve got freedom but look at the price youve paid to get it Im a blunt straight forward yorkshire man living a nightmare with no rules or special recipe to cope with it .Ihope i havent offended you Colin 57 my wife was 41 she passed 04032106 on her birthday

Hi Sue, so sorry for your recent loss to of your husband, you obviously know how I feel , I still think his going to come back , I miss seeing him every day . I’m trying to cope with my own grief but I need to be strong for our 9 year old .

My hubby also was in a hospice in the last week before he passed to control his symptoms , I cared for him.at home he became bed bound , I will never forget the awful horrific two days / nights he hung on with his breathing he didn’t want to go , they said he is young and has a strong heart . This will live we me for the rest of my life , he was a fighter .

I’m dreading this year , hope your getting support from friends & family .

Ive been busy organizing the funeral but I know it will get quite when everyone gets on with their life and your feeling the pain

Take care .

So sorry to hear about your dear wife , tough at such a young age my hubby was 45 no age at all .

Im dreading the funeral but I know I have to also think of our wee little girl , and make sure im there for her , she adored her daddy as we all did.

There will always be a void in my life , and I know and hope ive done my husband proud … one in a million .

Im not offended at all because I know it will be horrendous .

I remember seeing mum and that cut me up .

Take care of you , P

Hi your right about people getting on with there lives.My home was full of people dropping in with cards flowers sympathy etc but all gone now .
I have my granddaughter tonight and it feels so nice to have someone in the house.
Its awful isn’t it being by yourself I go out but cant wait to get home rushing round the shops and butterflies from morning to night and its all to do with fear and looking round the house thinking I have to look after this home now all by myself.
I have a son not to far away but cant keep ringing him over paperwork that seems endless .I have changes most things to my name now but continually check and check again to see if its correct.
kind regard sue