Losing my husband

My darling Husband of 40 years marriage died 2 months ago. He was my everything and we did everything together. So now I feel alone without him and spend my days in bed as I can’t function

I am so sorry cob, you are amongst excellent company here.

hi cob .
so sorry for the loss of your husband.sadly to say but your not alone on here,several of us have lost our soul mates,and some like you,infact me ,cannot seem to find the energy or desire to do anything,i seldom go out,just the odd walk to the shops for food and drink.hope you find ways to cope.

Hello cob,

You have come to the right place, I am so pleased that you have found this group of lovely compassionate people. Pattidot’s post is an inspiration to all of us.
Take care and remember you are not alone.