Losing my husband

I lost my husband on Wednesday, 3 weeks before he had been Involved in a head on collision with another lorry. He walked away with a few broken fingers some cuts a huge egg/lump to his head lots of bruising and a bad leg from where is was trap under the steering wheel. The other driver had been driving on the wrong side of the road.
The hospital told us my husband was fine and he would heal in time.
I took him back I was worried about his head and how hot his leg was, again they said he was fine.
Wednesday he collapsed and was having trouble breathing, help came I was holding his hand he looked at me and said I’m going to go :cry::cry:, I think he died then but they kept him alive with CPR etc while waiting on another team.
I’m just so broken everyone said they couldn’t believe how he could walk away from that crash.
I’m angry, sad, broken I just have no idea what to do.
The police want post-mortem, to re charge the driver if it’s related to the accident, they want an inquest too, this is delaying making funeral plans.
My support network is amazing I’m just struggling, I’m crying all the time, the doctors gave me sedatives and sleeping tablets, I still can’t rest, I wake up screaming dreaming about him :cry::cry::cry::cry:


@GGR. Firstly I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your husband in such tragic circumstances.

Currently you must be all over the place emotionally, finding this online forum could help with feelings in time but for now surround yourself with loving people and try and use them to get you through the worst part of your life .

Rest assured we will all be here for you when you need US .

I hope you get some answers soon, it’s a life you didn’t want that has so tragically arrived . Take care

Glenn xx

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My heart breaks for you & we totally understand your emotions, feelings & loss.
You have a lot more to deal with, due to the nature of what you have had to experience & really need to reach out to supportive family/friends, who can help you deal with all this with you. The saying a problem shared does help, especially in situations like this….
It does help writing or sharing how you’re feeling so continue to do also……we do all feel your pain & heartache & stay strong; you will get through this in your own way & time with supportive people around you;.
Look after yourself best you can :blue_heart:

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I am so sorry to hear of your terrible sadness., big hugs to you…x