Losing my husband

I lost my husband suddenly 5 weeks ago he was only 53, we was together 30 years and he was my only true love. He went to work one morning and I never seen him again, never got a chance to say goodbye. I’m totally heartbroken, I feel like my life has ended too. I have an amazing family who are there for me but no one knows what it’s like. I have 2 teenagers and am trying my best to be strong for them but it’s do hard .


My heart goes out to you it’s hard l know l lost my husband without warning. All you can do is take one day at a time and be kind to yourself.
It’s horrible and until you experience it people don’t know what it’s like. Xx


Thanks Jeanie, the pain is unbearable at times I feel like I am now just going to be existing. How long ago was your loss? X

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I lost my husband 20.06.22.
I know how you feel. some days are more bearable than others .
My friend thinks I am still in shock as he died suddenly.
She is probably right, my daughter died suddenly just before she was 22 and it took me @ 5yrs to feel something like myself again.
This time though there is only me and my autistic son left in our family.
I have to be strong for him but when I am on my own I have got to be honest I have to take each day at a time as it is hard xx


I am 37 and my 40 year old husband woke up on April 1st 22 said “I’m off, see you later…love you” , then went to work but never came home.

6 months in and I am finding it harder than ever and sone days I just can’t breathe


it doesnt feel real does it? like they are going to coming home and telling you of their day

Yes, I think a part of me will always still expect him to come home one day. I have honestly no idea how I have gotten through 6 months in this much pain…its a blur.

I hate having to exist here without him


i understand. i sit here every night crying. i loved being married to Brian. Best friend ever and never loved like it x cant sleep. cant be bothered but have to make effort for others🥵

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Same. I don’t even make the effort for others, I do everything for my son and that’s it. I shut everyone else out because I just can’t be bothered with people.
The only person I want to see, talk to is not hear so I don’t want anyone else…I am very selfish in my grief at the moment


not selfish at all. No one has the memories you had with your husband and you dont want to share them. They dont get it anyway. My sister said i know because when our mum died. i just yelled at her its not the same( although my mum wasnt old)
but i lived and shared everything, as you did with your husband.
I dont have children but i expect your son brings comfort. keep writing it helps. everyone on here is the same some of us more recent than others​:cry::heart:


Oh I am so sorry for you too…its early days for you too, I have not been through anything like this before. I can only take it minute by minute …big hugs to you too xxx

Net and kelly,

I feel exactly the same keep thinking at some point he’s gona come home, I also want to hide myself away but I know my family wouldn’t let me. I would just prefer to sleep to be honest then I don’t have to think…Spend my my day wishing for the night-time and hoping that I am tired enough to sleep through. Then when morning comes it starts all over again. I do what I can do to get my kids through the day. I am so empty inside and can never see me moving in from this.x


Hi @Brokenhearted2022
I hope your doing ok this evening? I cannot believe that you have written almost the same as why I am on this site …I too lost my partner over 5 weeks ago …he is 46 this month and we have been together for 24 years
My partner also left to go to work and didn’t come home
I am still in shock .

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Oh @Char9

I am so sorry for your loss its absolutely horrendous, of course you are still in shock. I still can’t get my head around it. It’s been 9 weeks for me now and it’s worse than ever. I know he’s gone but just find it hard to accept. I am having a hard time I am 50 tomorrow and I just don’t want to face it. I refuse to celebrate without him. He’s all I’ve ever known.

It’s just not fair there was lots that I would have said to him if I had know, the guilt I feel sometimes overwhelms me too, should have made him be more healthy should have made him go fo an mot at the doctors. It’s so very hard.

Do you have children too? Do you have support of friends and family? Big hugs and I am here any time if you need to talk x


Thank you for your message @Brokenhearted2022
I am so sorry for your loss too
My partner went to work and was found near work place the next day . In my world his passing is going to an inquest which could be 6 to 9 months
I am 42 next month and we came back to UK after living in Australia to help my mum do her house up . We got mum sponsored last year and she has been living with my sister over there as we got stuck here in pandemic
We were heading back just before Christmas
I have no children as I am on waiting list for endo surgery but we are willing to adopt if I couldn’t have a baby of our own .
It’s torture not knowing and I only have a few friends here but they are busy and I don’t like being a burden to anyone

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I’m a new poster here, just been lurking for a couple of weeks. I lost my love of 36 years just over 4 weeks ago. Just before it all happened we’d gone to Thailand to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary and while we were there I broke my wrist.

When we came back I got signed off sick so wasnt working and the day it happened I was with him so I knew everything that went on that day and how hard they tried to save my Ken. If I hadn’t been off work I wouldn’t have known so I’m grateful for that at least.

He was 64, still too young to go but not as young as your love, I feel for you deeply.

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My heart goes out to you, I know how it feels to wait for inquest too as we had that with my Uncle in 2018. It must be agony as well waiting for the inquest.

My Paul just collapsed it work and they couldn’t save him, I am truly heartbroken and everyone trying their best but until you have been through it then you can never understand.

I just feel like I will exist now and feel like life is pointless. I am the same with friends I feel like some have distanced themselves from me and I understand as they can’t deal with the sadness and I can’t pretend I say I’m not OK when they ask .

I mentioned a group before on here they are called WAY widowed and young it’s a support group tho I am just waiting for my registration to come through, and they can put you in touch with others in your area that are going through the same.

But as I said if you ever want to talk let us know…it helps even if only for a while x

Hi @JasmineJelly

So sorry for your loss too…my heart goes out to you, it must of been awful for you but comforting that he had you there . I’m very bitter about not being with my Paul tho his workmates and then the paramedics tried very hard and it just wasn’t meant to be…I still wish I could have been there. Its so very hard to deal with.
Big hugs Jasmine aways here if you need to talk x

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Good evening @JasmineJelly
I am so sorry for your loss and again very recently like my love
I am still in shock and struggling with not knowing
I had a dinner made for him and a bath ready and he didn’t come home.
All I have at the moment is an interim certificate and an inquest letter …after 24 years I feel like that’s all I have left is 2 pieces of paper with black writing on them
My daddy passed away in the home 7 years ago he fell asleep and didn’t wake up . Heart attack took him .
My amazing partner is different… I am frightened…I can’t sleep and I can barely eat not knowing what happened
And I feel like I have lost both amazing souls in the one place almost .
I am no longer sure where I belong now

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I’m in that place too. His funeral isn’t until next Friday and I’m dreading it.

I go to bed and then wake up in the night, manage to get back to sleep and then relive it all over in the morning.

I feel numb a lot of the time and then the littlest thing like a tv advert sets me off. I’m wearing his socks and jumpers at home to feel closer to him.

I have no kids or close family nearby but I do have amazing friends. But in the end I go to bed on my own and wake up on my own and that’s what I’m finding so hard

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