Losing my husband

Why is it I can go for a few days and just go about the day, but like today, I feel so low, crying, lonely, I thought it was supposed to get easier to deal with, I miss his hugs so much, they just used to make everything better, I miss the chats at meal times, the way he would crack a joke at always the wrong time, I miss lying in bed cuddling and just dreaming about winning the lottery and him having his own scrap yard, when does it stop hurting?


Its always the little things you miss. Big things you can prepare for but the small things catch you unawares. I was at a garden centre with a friend and we came across a display of helibores. They were favourites of David my husband and he had them all over the garden. It did me in completely. Of course you miss your special person. Grief is the other side of love. Hug to you


I have no answers for you, but want to tell you you’re not alone. I read your words, and it was as if I was reading my own thoughts written down. It’s all the little things that get me all the time.

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I don’t think there is any pattern to it. I’m like you in that some days I just ‘do’ life whereas others I find the raw emotions are just below the surface and bubble up at the slightest thing. It is what it is each day so I don’t anticipate what it will be like from day to day.

Hugs xxx

@Elsiejosie and @Hannah12 I lost my wife in October and as you both write it is the little things we miss most. It’s like @KarenF says living day by day but with emotions surfacing, sometimes with a reason, other times at random. The internal loneliness we feel is the worst as it makes everything we do, however necessary and even joyful, seem a bit pointless as it cannot be shared. This site does allow you to share your feelings with others who understand and learn from each other so keep posting. Love and support xx