Losing my husband

Hi Angelina my partner wanted a pure cremation so it will be 7 weeks when his ashes arrive also seems a long time much longer than we thought .He also wants his ashes scattered .on.a golf course .Dont think it will be allowed though xx

Hi. I lost my mum 11 years ago .your mum was very young bless her .glad you went for your walk .ive been having my nails done for years .i can imagine him up there saying get them done .money is in the bank bless him .he treated me like a queen .im 66 …i took early retirement after i had breast cancer 5 years ago . Now the weather is better i should take myself for walks .big hugs x

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Hi we have had our fair share of heart break and pain but i think for me this is the worst Grey was a real good man he always looked after me and cared for and always put me first .I was lucky to have him for 17 years and the rest of my life will be lost without him by my side life is cruel isnt it xx


It is really cruel .we were together 13 years .married 8 .we met in our 50s .both had previously been married before .had bad experience with our partners .when we found each other we knew we were ment to be .ive never loved or felt love like i did with kev .i will always be greatful for the times we had together .the love we shared .for being his wife .just sad it was cut short xx

Hi frankie similar to me really never was lucky in love then when i was 53 and met him that was it i was so lucky he loved the bones of me (his words).Its so hard and a struggle every day but he wanted me to live my life .Hope your day will be better than yesterday do you have family and friends to support you .My family are in Ireland xxx

My family are in Plymouth .my daughter phones every day .but im missing him so so much .im crying as i write this .this pain is unbearable hope youve had a good day .you are suffering too .its just so unfair .xx

Ye it is its the hardest thing to try to come to terms with .I dont think i ever will.6 weeks and hurts just has bad .Keep posting all we can do is be there and support each other and hope the pain will ease in time big hugs xxx

Hi hope youve managed to have a good day .went out for a couple of hours this morning to do a bit of shopping. A friend and her husband took me .i have to be honest i envy her having her husband .we would both like our husbands .but unfortunately that isnt to be …i hope your ok .big hugs xx

Hi frankie no having a bad day tbh not been out of the house its so lonely and thats not going to change so god knows how im gonna cope every day is excacly the same its an unbearable situation it makes a difference having friends so im glad you have had a better day hugs to you xxc

Good morning .im so so sorry you had a bad day yesterday .i spent the rest of the day on my own .it was nice to get out .im sending you massive hugs .have you got friends close bye xx

Thanks frankie .im finding most days hard probley cos its another bank holiday and we would be doing things together.ive one friend near but she tends to do a lot with her family .wish my daughter was still here but she is settled now in s ireland .Its the awful realization now that hese never coming bk and i hate doing things on my own .Hows your day been xxx

Hi .my day has been full of tears .constantly crying knowing he isnt coming home .i hate the loneliness. Bank holidays were special for us .we would do things too .ive just shut myself away today .sending hugs xx

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Hi Frankie how are you today ive been for a walk its real hot here ive been looking into.having a reading spiritualist. since he died ive been looking for answers trying to make sense of it all.big hugs xxx

Hi .not too bad .a reading sounds great .glad you went for a walk .been a bit cloudier here today .quite breezy .another day on my own .got some housework done .sending big hugs xx

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Hi frankie 56 how you doing .Did you get your oh ashes yet .? Glad the long weekend is over tbh just another day on my own today I just need something to look forward too .Do you see your daughter much .big hugs xxx

Morning picking kevs ashes up at 1pm .i speak to her everyday but dont see her that often .she has asked me to go and stay with her .but i cant at the moment .i cant seem to bring myself to go without him .sending hugs xx

Oh il be thinking about you at one hugs xxx

Hi hope your doing ok .well as best as you can x

Hi frankie not realy just go thru the motion s every day seems poinless without him .How are you feeling now you have your husband s ashes home .Doasnt seen real i bet love hope xxx

Hi .not the best of days today .been in bed all day .didnt get any sleep till after half 5 this morning .its good to have his ashes but i would obviously would prefer him .its lonely as you know not having anyone to talk to sending big hugs xx