Losing my husband

My husband passed away last week. I am constantly crying but trying to find the strength to sort it in my head that he was very ill. I can’t cope into coming into an empty and he’s not there and my hear aches when I think that I will never see him again. I am truly heartbroken :broken_heart::broken_heart:


So sorry to hear this. It’s such early days and really is a case of putting one foot infront of the other. Grief is just horrid xxx

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Hi, sorry for the pain of your grief, it’s so brutal. Just deal with things hour by hour, day by day… I hope you have some practical support around you, accept any help offered. Make sure you try to eat, rest and get fresh air otherwise you’ll end up feeling even worse. Grief is completely exhausting, physically and emotionally. Take your time and don’t impose any expectations on yourself. Do whatever you need to get through these raw early days. Sending you consoling best wishes xx