Losing my husband

I lost my husband 01st May 2023 , still finding each day as hard as the last.


@Joanne23 sorry for your loss. Grief isn’t time specific, it’s tough at times isnt it? Here if you need to vent or just talk.

Hi @Joanne23 it is so hard isn’t it.
I notice you are young to be here - I’m 52 and although it’s only been 3 months since my husband passed age 56, I feel that each day is getting harder to endure.
I feel his death was out of time and our future is now my future, and I find that really scary.
I do find posting on here helps as I find lots of understanding, support and honesty.
I find it hard to find people who can really just sit and listen to my anguish without trying to heal me. They cant, and I know they will never be able to make what has happened better.
There isn’t a positive aspect to my husband dying when he did.
Keep checking in here if it helps. I try to have a very basic system of life at the moment - if it helps or it really needs done then I try to do it. If it makes me feel worse then I don’t.
Make sure you are looking after yourself - have you got some people to support you ?

Sending hugs xx

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Yes I was functioning on basic still can’t get other stuff in place.
Wish I could.