Losing my husband

My husband has been struggling with cancer since 2017. He has been told he has less than a year.
I am so scared of the future… we are each other…dont know how i will cope.


Oh @bella5

I’m devastated for you :broken_heart:

Enjoy every moment you have left together.

Whenever you need to talk please come on here. Everyone is very supportive and will totally understand.

Sending you a big hug xx

Thankyou. i feel totally lost.

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You will feel completely lost and be surrounded by feelings and thoughts that are indescribable. Grief is not a nice journey to be on.

Maybe read other threads and contribute as we are all in the same boat.

Maybe you could ask your partner if there is anything he would like you to do for him when he has said his final farewells. Something for you to focus on and help you get through.

I hope you have people around you to support xx