Losing my loved one

I lost my beloved husband on the 3rd Feb,how do I go on wewere martied for 50 yrs and since retirement we did everything together my world has fallen apart .On retirement we moved to the coast so have no family near my daughter comes but she is also grieving her father .I feel Imdoing everything for the sake of it eaven eating as I so sad .


Kuma, so sorry for your loss. Its too raw for you to see a future yet, but you have to believe the black cloud will lift .
I lost my wife last month. This would have been our Ruby wedding year.
Three years ago we also moved to the coast and you need to take a ferry to get here, so i can understand why isolation is a problem: My grown up sons want me to move back over the water to be nearer them, but i am not making any rash decisions.
I dont know what the future is going to be like without my dear wife,but i just know i have to make her proud by carrying on.
I carry her with me forever in my heart and believe part of her is still with me through our children.

Kuma i lost my lovely wife 6 weeks ago to me time does not ease the pain