Losing my Mam

I have just lost my beloved Mam 4 weeks ago & I am beyond devastated. We were very close & I helped care for her in the week & I have a gaping hole in my life. I’m finding it harder each day with extreme grief & feeling overwhelmed. I have also developed extreme tinnitus since she died which is horrible & I feel I have no comfort anywhere as this noise in my ear is preventing me from sleeping. I feel my GP isn’t very understanding.

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Hello Donnajn16
I feel your pain and send much love :heart: I understand about your doctor just make another appointment sometime they think you will get through it with out any help so keep reaching out to them . You are not alone xxx

I am so sorry you lost your wee mam. You are not alone and if you feel your gp isn’t understanding ask to see someone else. Take time out to take care of yourself. Your mam wouldn’t want you to feel alone or be suffering and not getting the support you need. Sending love. X