Losing my mom

I lost my mom 2 weeks ago and I am
Not coping well at all I have this overwhelming sense of loneliness now as she was my one person who was always there for ever worry or illness or occasion …even the phone calls when i was a just bored and I’m I’m finding it so hard to deal with the fact that I havnt got that anymore …also thinking about her last days kills me and regrets …wishing I had said and done this gs differently …I have so much stuff constantly going on in my head and I can’t stop it…I’m in such pain and feel like this is going to destroy me…I have two children an 18 year old and have a 8 month old baby too so I can’t let myself fall apart… I always was told I couldn’t have another baby and it’s all
My mom ever wanted for me so when we found out I was pregnant last year she was so happy for me and I feel such sadness she only got to know her grandson for a
Few months of his life … big j try to tell
Myself I had him. This year to get me through losing my mom because I dread to think the mess I would be in if I didn’t have to get up for him…I guess I’m just looking g for any kind of support or just to talk to people that understand


I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. You must be in turmoil right now. Having a young baby around is the time you most need a mum’s support. It must be hard. It’s early days for you and you are still in shock. Wading through paperwork and formalities at this time is also very difficult. Take care and be gentle with yourself. This painful road of grief that we follow is full of twists, turns and pot holes. Take it at your own pace. Sending you a big hug and my condolences.

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