Losing my mom

my mom passed away suddenly. On 27 July I spoke to her the day before in fact I went to see her like I did most days she wasnt100% but she seemed ok I spoke on the phone that night she’d gone to bed tired but ok by 1pm the next day she was gone I am heartbroken my mom was my my best friend I never thought she’d leave me not to a heart attack I’m so annoyed I need her for a bit longer I can’t stop crying we can’t cremate her till 1 September I don’t sleep I need hrlpemphasised text

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@Robbie13 my Dad died suddenly on the 22nd July .
I wish I could say something to make it better but it’s just so hard and painful . I’m taking one day at a time . I try and distract myself in the day but I struggle at night . It’s awful .
I’m here if you need to chat x

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Fthank you it’s 3.40 am can’t sleep again my mind won’t slow down only cried 5 times yesterday so sad still don’t understand

@Robbie13 did you manage any sleep ? It makes everything worse when you are tired doesn’t it