Losing my mom

On Wednesday last week my dear Mom passed away. She had been unwell since Jan, she went to Dr’s in March for the first time and not much happened. By the end of March she had a really bad urine infection and I took her to an out of hours GP. She was so poorly and it just got worse from there. She had bloods done the next day and they showed up something abnormal. She had to have repeat bloods done 2 weeks later. Went back to GP as my mom was still really poorly, all she said was there is something wrong but we don’t quite know what yet. Few days later we were called in and GP said she had Myeloma, talked about treatment and look it up on Google & mom would have bone marrow biopsy. Couple
Of weeks later she had the biopsy done. End of May she was told it was myelodysplasia and low risk. I said to the consultant that she was really fatigued and unwell but she said it was probably cardiac (she had heart failure as well) and to got back to GP. Which we did, GP was useless and reluctantly referred her to cardiology. We then took her to a private GP as we were getting nowhere. My mom by this point could barely get out of bed and was losing weight. That GP referred her to a private cardiologist. Saw him a couple of times, sorted meds etc. Then on 11th August my brother took my mom for her haematology appt. She looked terrible and my brother kept saying how unwell she was and that this wasn’t what she was like 6 months ago. She didn’t listen, said it was probable cardiac & sent her away. I then saw my mom 2 days later and was really shocked how ill she looked and basically looked like she was about to die. Took her to GP on 14th who was rude and unprofessional and missed massive red flags. I had to phone an ambulance on 18th and the rest is history. The hospital did a CT scan on 29th as she was not responding to treatment. We were told at midday on 30th that she had metastatic ovarian cancer that had spread to her liver and lungs. 2 hours later she passed away. No time to prepare or process and how did the medics get it so wrong. I am still trying to process all of this, it was very traumatic last week & not a peaceful death. I am trying to navigate my way through this grief and support my “kids and my dad. My daughter is 21 and autistic, while she is very clever it is very difficult with her as she is just so full on and demanding.


What an awful story Your poor Mum I am so sorry for your loss
.Are you in the UK I think you should - First write a chronology of all the medical events, decisions etc with the help your brother while you remember them clearly. Then pause and leave it for short period Then seek legal advice if you both still believe she died because of medical negligence and neglect
I am sorry for your suffering My husband also died because of medical neglect but I could not do anything about it as he died abroad and I was not there