Losing my mother due to covid

Hi recently lost my mom due to coronavirus virus I’m suffering a very intense grief from it I do not want to bottle up my emotions

I am so sorry to hear about your mum. Losing a parent is tough at any time let alone from this horrible virus. I lost my dad back in November and some days it’s still hard. You need to let your emotions out and talk to people. We are a nice bunch of people here. I tried to bottle mine up and it didn’t go very well. Here if you need to chat.

Hi Hannah sorry to hear about your dad. It’s hard some days I feel like I’m losing plot. It was me that found her struggling for her life in her bed when we kicked the front door in cos she didn’t not respond to her calls all day ambulance came took her hospital and swab her for covid she was positive after 3 days they told me I can see her if I wear PPE and have some time they have me 30 mins she was still alive then same day when I saw her she died of covid19. I’m devastated we where so close and she was my world. It happened 4 May 2020 I already had the funeral and I’m back at work now, at work I’m a functioning zombie…

The functioning zombie stage is one I know well. Don’t rush anything and go easy on yourself. Dad was our world and our life revolved around him for the 14 years before his death due to the care he needed. The leave a big hole don’t they.