Losing my mother

Mother x I had a call at work unexpectedly from a neighbour wanting the keycode to my mother’s property then I heard screaming and yelling it was awful then to be told my mother had passed in bed. I had to go down as the police were waiting for me. As in care myself I found this extremely disturbing as I was there hours waiting for things to be confirmed ect. Funeral has passed, now having to clear the property ect ect but it still doesn’t seem real even though I know it is. Xmas getting closer and I have told family I don’t want anything. Property is going up for sale soon it’s been 8 weeks and it’s going too fast I’ve a sister who wants things done so to speak. At the moment I feel completely numb like it’s not real completely different from when I lost my dad i just don’t know how or what I should be feeling right know


I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother, @Mccluskeyflorida. I’m just giving your thread a gentle “bump” - hopefully someone will be along to offer their support.

@Mccluskeyflorida it sounds like you are still trying to process the shock of what happened. I can relate, as I discovered my Mum had died when I rang her home and the phone was answered by a paramedic. She had been found by a neighbour on her driveway. A sudden death is always traumatic and devastating, yet the world carries on turning around you! It’s brutal. All you can do is keep going day by day, being kind to yourself and allowing yourself to grieve. One step at a time. Best wishes xx

Hi, I lost my mum on Dec 30 th last year and I also have her house to sell. Are you the executor of her will. If so you can hold onto the house for a while so you can sort things there in your own time. I have only last week put my mum’s house up for sale as it’s taken me ages to come to terms it actually has to be sold. Take your time if you can. I emptied a draw or cupboard a week and it has taken ages but slowly doing it has helped me. I have also gone to my mum’s house when neighbours are in work and when it’s quiet so I can be alone and private doing it. That has helped me also.
It is the toughest thing but also the last thing we can do for them so don’t be put under pressure to do It quick. My mum’s house also sold in a week so prepare yourself for that shock also.
Thinking of you
Deborah x

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Trouble is I’ve a sister who wants everything done and dusted and I’ve told her she’s rushing me and I don’t like it. I don’t live just around the corner so it’s difficult to keep travelling down to sort stuff out

Hiya ,
I am the sole executor of my mums will and so therefore its up to me to sort the house. I also live a long way from my mums house but I am determined to do it at my own pace I also have a brother and sister who I have told I am taking my time in sorting the house.
It just depends who the executor is and whether probate has been granted.
Deborah x