Losing my mother

Hello there!

I’m alone at mines and grieving for the loss of my mother! I was looking after my mum for 10+ years of my and now she is suddenly gone :pensive:! My mother passed around Christmas 2023.

Looking after my mum had it’s ups and downs but at the end of the day, i was still there for her. I just miss her so much and i love her to bits.

On some occasions, i feel like i haven’t done a good job of looking after my mother.

It’s such a big loss and I’m struggling mentally.


Hi @Foreverhopeful
I lost my Mum this New Year’s Day so around the same sort of time.
I’m sorry for your loss :broken_heart:

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I lost my mum new year’s day too. Although she lived independently she was 83 and I looked after her after dad died five years ago. Dad died of cancer and suffered greatly. Mum never wanted that and just wanted to die in her sleep at home. She got her wish but the sudden nature of her death is what I’m struggling with. I only saw her three hours before all fine! I try to think that it was a privilege to do that for my parents. Try to remember that you did look after her and you were there when she needed you most :heart:


@Titch7674 I’m sorry for your loss! Thank you for your advice, I’ll try and keep that in mind 🩵

@stardust2023 I’m sorry for your loss too and thank you 🩵

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How are you doing? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m still not doing great but i’m getting there, thanks for asking. How are you? @Titch7674