Losing my mum and best friend πŸ’”πŸ˜­

I lost my mum suddenly in September 22. I went in to full blown overdrive planning the funeral and wanting to make everything perfect. For many weeks all I had in my head was her death which was very quick and traumatic but in recent weeks it’s now has me playing back memories of growing up and how much I relied on her and all the memories.each process seems to come with a different pain and heartache. I am so lost. I literally can’t even write a lot on here because I just feel numb. I wanted to post on here to say to anyone who has lost a parent, or someone close to them is that, you’re not alone. Xxxx


I know how you feel. Mum died in June last year. Just to be able to talk to Mum again on the phone, would be the best, not being able to do this hurts so much. I know I’m not alone in this empty feeling. For someone who has been present in my life for 55 years, and now gone, I feel totally lost.


Hi @Kwright39
We have very similar situations. My mum died last June very suddenly and traumatically. I threw myself into honouring her and also into becoming a mum a few months after she died.
But now my days are filled with memories of my childhood, of things mum said, her mannerisms. Anything can trigger this and it feels like I’m surrounded by constant reminders of all mum meant to me, how wonderful her input was in my life and how much I miss her.
Love and strength to you xxxx

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I am sorry for your loss x