Losing my mum x

Lost my mum last February to breast cancer, and with it just being me and her for most of my life till she had my little sister I’m just empty, I don’t no how to cope anymore, I have a daughter that is 4 that forever speaks about her and everytime I see my little sister she just tells me how much she misses her, I’m just broken don’t no when or how I’ll ever feel the same

Dear Chanoxn,
Losing your mum is very hard and I can understand that you find it difficult to cope, especially because you and her were so close. There are no easy answers to your questions. From my own experience I would say that life will never be the same, because there is a person missing from it, but as time passes the pain and sadness will get less. It mus be hard for your little sister too. and being able to share your feelings with each other, even though it is hard, could actually help both of you. I have 3 younger sisters and am so glad that we have each other, Your mum must have had a big place in your daughters life and it is good that she wants to talk about her, How has she coped with it all? There is an article on the Sue Rider site about how to help children grief when you yourself are grieving. I put the link here and hop that you will find it helpful:

Do cherish the memories you have of your mum. She will always be in your heart and the best thing I think we can do for our mums is to continue living the way they would have wanted us to iive.
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