Losing My Mum

Mum died suddenly in February. My whole world changed. She was my best friend. Whenever something happened, I would always phone her to tell her. Our chats every Sunday (putting the world to rights). I feel part of me has died with her. The laughing and outgoing person suddenly was lost for a while. My dad is coping the best he can. My brother was there when she died and tried to save her. This has had an impact on him and now suffers from PTSD (he lost his best mate six months previously). He is getting the help he needs and is getting better. My partner has been a rock and helped us all so much. Nothing prepares you for this at all. But I am getting there day by day. We all went to Devon together and with laughter and tears we remembered my mum.


Hello @Rach6, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum. I’m really glad you’ve got some support around you right now and that you and your family have come together to remember her. I hope you find the community to be a support to you too :blue_heart:

Thank you :heart:

Hi Rach6,

I’m sorry for your loss.

It must have been a terrible shock to lose your mum so suddenly. It sounds like you have a very strong bond.

It will soon be 9 months since I lost my Dad. We found out last September that Dad had advanced cancer and he died 8 weeks later. I have spent much of the last 8 months in a state of confusion and sadness. I keep going as my Dad wanted and I have found that my brother and I are even closer. Now that it’s just my mum, my brother and myself from our family it has kind of made us more of a team.

Spending time with your family remembering your mum is lovely. My brother lives abroad but since we lost Dad my mum and I have taken time to go and spend time with him and it makes me feel even closer to Dad as I know he wanted us to stick together.

I have found the grief very isolating but this forum helps.

Sending best wishes,

No nothing prepares you. I lost my mum who was my soul mate best friend 16th June . Mum had bladder cancer I’m heart broken. I really love and miss her. I can’t stop crying. I don’t have much interest with my husband, just can’t help the way I feel . My life feels so empty. I’m now on tablets from the doctor. Can’t get round to seeing a councillor. Love my grand kids and my son but still feel so empty and heartbroken.

Hi Katherine86
Thanks for reaching out.
I am so sorry to here about your dad.
Its lovely to have this site to contact. You don’t feel so alone.

I know that sometimes in the first few weeks that I had such sadness and confusion. And I used to sit and think, what if and if only. My mum came round the Sunday before she died. She was tired, but seemed ok. Me and my partner Chas mentioned that she seemed to hold us for longer on that day. Maybe she knew. I also went through thinking that what if I had gone over the day before. Took some time to find peace and know that whatever happened we couldn’t have done anymore.

Glad you have your brother for support. I too have found that we have grown closer in these last few months. Looking out for each other.

There if you need to message.

Sending you best wishes to xx

Hi Rose88
I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I know the way you feel. I too couldn’t stop crying and hurt I felt was awful. I seemed to loose me as a person for a while (she is slowly coming back). The pain does subside and becomes less painful in time - people do keep telling me. I am beginning to come to terms with it as it was such a shock. I planted a rose for my mum. I also still say goodnight to my mum before I go to bed. I also light a candle and have sometime to reflect.

Please take your time and take each day as it comes. Took me a while to get over the empty feeling and Chas my partner has been there for me. I didnt want to engage with anyone at all for ages. Just about got round to seeing friends.

It does get easier as time goes on. I wont forget, but it will become less painful.

Please keep reaching out to us.

Sending best wishes xx